Chelsea L. Edmonds

Research Associate @ University of Sheffield. Cambridge Australia Scholar. BE (Hons I) BSc AFHEA AMusA


Department of Computer Science

Regent Court

University of Sheffield

Sheffield, UK

Welcome! I’m Chelsea, a postdoctoral Research Associate in Verification at the University of Sheffield. My primary area of expertise is proof assistants, particularly Isabelle/HOL. In my current position, I’m working on the COVERT project to develop verification tools and models for reasoning on the security of programs running on advanced architectures.

Previously, I completed (awaiting final approval) my PhD at the University of Cambridge under the supervision of Prof. Lawrence C. Paulson. My PhD explored how we can develop modular, flexible and extensible libraries for formalised mathematics (particularly combinatorics) in Isabelle/HOL, and the process for mirroring human intuitive proof techniques in a formal environment. I’m grateful to have been fully funded by a Cambridge Australia Scholarship and a studentship from the Department of Computer Science. My PhD work was further acknowledged by a British Federation of Women Graduates Academic Award.

Beyond my research, I’m a passionate educator and an Associate Fellow with AdvanceHE. I’ve been involved in (and led) numerous STEM outreach events and organisations, as well as gender diversity initiatives for Women in STEM.


Jan 24, 2024 I passed my PhD viva with minor corrections! :sparkles: :smile:
Oct 15, 2023 I have started a new job as a Research Associate at the University of Sheffield.

selected publications

  1. ACM
    Formal Probabilistic Methods for Combinatorial Structures using the Lovász Local Lemma
    Chelsea Edmonds, and Lawrence C. Paulson
    In Proceedings of the 13th ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Certified Programs and Proofs , London, UK, 2024